I'm Matheus.
A Brazilian-based
Product Designer.

Dedicated to enhancing consumer interactions through digital products


jusbrasil serp project
Improving search usability for millions of legal professionals
Senior Product Designer
I led the redesign of the search results page, designing and developing a series of optimizations and new features that improved the overall search experience across all legal informations Jusbrasil had in its base. This initiative have had a positive impact on user engagement and conversion.
More info is available upon request
jusbrasil consulta processual project
I played a key role in identifying and solving Jusbrasil Alertas' product's low ROI issue. Together with the founders, tech lead, and product manager, we designed a plan to change the product's direction.
600% Revenue increase in a Freemium SaaS Product
Lead Product Designer
More info is available upon request


Concept & Design

Skilled at creating user flows, wireframes, and functional high-fidelity prototypes that can be validated through testing to explore solutions for given problems.

Strategy & Research

Proficient in conducting exploratory research and user testing to uncover issues and patterns, following up with data-driven insights, driving optimizations, new features, or innovative product developments.

Design Ops

Passionate about team design dynamics, I bring expertise in crafting processes to standardize communication, collaboration, and documentation. I also enjoy managing and mentoring other designers, fostering a collaborative and efficient design environment.

about me

Over the past decade, I've designed meaningful experiences that benefit customers and businesses, often stepping outside my design role to take on additional responsibilities to understand and solve problems.

From intern to Lead Product Designer at Jusbrasil, I've grown alongside the company for ten years, cultivating a user-centric design approach fueled by collaboration, data, and testing. Beyond other stories during that time, I'm particularly proud of optimizing a SaaS product, increasing revenue by 600% while keeping a low churn, driving the company to break even.
I'm passionate about leveraging design to solve real problems for people, and I thrive in tackling complex challenges.
Aside from work, I live with my wife Agatha and our three cats in Bahia, Brazil, near the beach, where I spend my time practicing Jiujitsu, working out, skateboarding, reading, and some times going on adventures around the world.

Let's work together.

Selfie of Matheus Corcel in Buenos Aires next to trees